Turkey – July 2017 – Call for Italian Participants


Siamo alla ricerca di 8 partecipanti tra i 17 ed i 27 anni per il progetto RECYCLING+ che si svolgerà dal 7 al 17 Luglio a Trebisonda, in Turchia.


“Recycling+” is about creating some useful materials by using some old and needless materials that we have in our homes and promoting recycling between public. During the 9 days, participants will have the opportunity to experience an intercultural dialogue which will directly promote the notion of European citizenship, also have the opportunity with the main activities of the project to create an empty bottle to create a candle holder, bazaar bags by using old T-shirts, thermos by using glass bottles, droplights by using plastic spoon, some paintings by using papers, wallets by using papers, some homes for cats by using cartons, party dresses from old useless clothes etc. practically. At the end, we will present all materials to the public and trigger them to use recycling active in their homes.


Il progetto prevede il vitto ed alloggio pagati al 100% dall’associazione turca ed un rimborso fino a 270,00€ per i costi di viaggio.


Shokkin’ Home is located in Denizli Village, 5 minutes by public mini-bus to the center of Beşikdüzü district. Beach is only 10 minutes walking distance.

Shokkin’ Home. It is a youth center with 4 floors. 1st floor is used as kitchen and dining room, 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors has the rooms with private bathrooms for 2,4,5 and 6 people. Training and party room is separated from the accommodation and just next to it. In principle 2,4,5 or 6 participants of the same sex and different nationalities will share one room. Shokkin’ Home will NOT provide us towels.

Organizers will provide participants with three meals per day.


Per partecipare al progetto compila il form che puoi trovare alla pagina dedicata e provvederemo ad inviarti l’infopack via email.