Report: Youth Takes Action Against Discrimination and Violence

Si è concluso la scorsa settimana lo scambio giovanile “Youth Takes Action Against Discrimination and Violence” organizzato nell’ambito del programma europeo Erasmus+ con il supporto dell’Agenzia Nazionale per i Giovani.

Lo scambio giovanile ha avuto come obbiettivo generale la necessità di intraprendere una lotta concreta contro le discriminazioni e gli episodi di violenza che avvengono attraverso internet ed i social, episodi sempre più presenti e “vicini” nella nostra vita di tutti i giorni.

Al fine di raggiungere questo ambizioso obbiettivo generale è stato necessario individuare ed indirizzare tre obbiettivi specifici:
– conoscere e ri-conoscere i fenomeni di violenza e discriminazione veicolati (non solo) attraverso internet, comprendere come nascono e come si diffondono, comprendere il ruolo dei social network nella diffusione di tali fenomeni;
– comprendere il valore delle differenze al fine di vederle come arricchimento e non come un ostacolo; che valore hanno le differenze (di genere, sociali, religiose, ecc.) nella società moderna? Come promuoverle affinchè non facciano “paura”?;
– conoscere e svolgere azioni locali concrete (incontri, campagne, ecc.) per aumentare la consapevolezza e la conoscenza al fine di prevenire ed arginare i fenomeni di violenza e discriminazione.

Ecco un report giorno per giorno, scritto dai partecipanti….

On the 11th October, during the morning we started with some games to know better our names, and I think it was successful. Then we made the “main” activity, the “mission impossible”, where we had to complete 7 tasks in 50 minutes. I think we all thought that it was impossible to complete, but we did it, because of the groups we made to divide the tasks through all the group.
In the afternoon we did the funny and interesting activity of the “Cultionary” where we tried to draw something to let the other understand what the word/words were. Before the end of the activities we received our international passport. We let our passport going around through the other participants and each one drew a facial feature.

In the first part of the morning we have been in Piedimonte Etneo in order to discover examples of discriminations which can we find in every reality. During the activity we have discovered different kind of discriminations like against people with disability, sexism, ecc. In the afternoon we have explored the topics: prejudices; stereotypes and discriminations in order to understand the meaning of the words, exploring real stories from our different local levels. The second session of the afternoon was focused on the previous activity about the stories of prejudices; stereotypes and discriminations analyzed during the previous sessions.

Today we talked about cultural diversities and differences through a simulation game which gave us the opportunity to face the diversity and how hard is communicate and interact with people from other cultures; the activity was focused on a common shelter’s build in order to survive on a desert island forcing the cooperation among different culture’s groups.
Another activity was again focused on the diversity, and we had to wear some-other shoes answering to some specific questions taking a step forward. Then we have explored, through the problem-tree, the possible causes and effects of a discrimination’s story.
The afternoon was oriented to the media, how they can spread misunderstood concepts. We had different tasks and roles in order to prepare a newspaper’s front page.

Today we have started the day with an activity which was foreseen yesterday; it was connected with the topic of discrimination through the media. We have worked in national groups trying to identify and show to the others one music video clip, from our own country, in which is possible to find examples of discrimination. We easily found the video clips and the most faced discriminations were based on gender and social status.
Then we had a simulation game which has simulated the arrival of the migrants in Lampedusa, how they face the difficulties of misunderstanding and how, sometimes, the Human Rights are not respected. In the afternoon we have decided to prepare two different social campaigns to implement in Catania the following day; the two campaigns were focused on raise the awarenesses about racial discrimination and against people with disabilities.

Today we woke up feeling excited about going to Etna! We arrived there at 10:30 am, and divided into small groups we discovered the place. For most of us it was new experience and thankfully the volcano did not erupt. After spending two hours there the bus took us to Catania city center to work with the campaign.
The first group decided to start a flashmob game in a square. Some of the us gave the flyers and inform the locals about the Senéggalité campaign, and the others played an egg- throwing game. After this we went for a coffee and explore Catania city and gardens.
The second group has decided to go for snack and coffee first. After with a full belly we reached the university yard and started our campaign. We managed to reach the students, they come and play with us. Unfortunately we did not have any time left to discover the city.
After the campaigns, we met at the main square feeling very creative and inspired. We took the bus and come back to the Monastery in Piedimonte Etneo.

On the 16th October we talked about our experience in Catania and about the problems that we faced organizing the social campaigns. After the first session we started discussing about “solutions”, how we can take action in different incidents and how the different actors of civil society can have a role in them. In the afternoon we had the Oxford Style Debate on a specific incident of discrimination.

We started the final day of the project with a visit to the major of the municipality of Piedimonte Etneo. There the major and his counselors talked to us, gave us some treats and then we followed our guides in a tour around the village. In the afternoon, we had the surprise casino activity which allowed us to evaluate our learning process: it was focused on the contents of the project through gamification; it helped us to evaluate our knowledges at the end of the learning process. Later we had another part of evaluation. We closed the project with the gossip box, the conferment of the certificates and the reveal of the secret friends.